Sunderland dementia patient doing the three Peaks

I read this and was truly amazed and pleased that someone else is showing what can be done after a diagnosis that would make people give up living all together.
Years ago I did the Coast cycle ride from Cumbria to Sunderland and although the second day was rubbish as I kept forgetting which gears were which I can say it was the experience of a life time

Well Done Ray and I really hope it all goes well. Please keep this date in your diary and lets hope he achieves his goal

You Can Have A Good Life Despite Alzheimer’s’ – Sufferer Prepares For Three Peaks Challenge By Nisha Joshi Location: Branton, Northumberland
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Video: Alzheimer's sufferer's positive message

An Alzheimer’s sufferer from Sunderland is encouraging other people with illness to remain positive as he prepares to take on the Three Peaks Challenge to fundraise for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Ray Kirton, 55, originally from Sunderland but now living in Branton Northumberland, was diagnosed aged just 52 after he and colleagues noticed his increasing forgetfulness during his job selling heart and lung machines to hospitals around the country.

The successful businessman was forced to leave his job and his wife went back to work to support the family financially.

“It was very difficult when I was diagnosed,” he said.

“Thankfully my wife turned everything round.”

His wife, Kiran, introduced measures such as a calendar on which his activities are written so that he can be reminded of his day-to-day plans.

She also arranges regular trips away for the family so that Ray is kept busy and stimulated.
Despite missing some of the things he used to do, Ray remains positive.

He said: “I really miss work. I’m not the same as I was before.

“It’s just a little bit sad when there are things I can’t do anymore, but I have to just try and do what I can.”

Ray currently has mild symptoms such as losing his train of thought when speaking but his memory will worsen over time.

“I’ll be there at some stage, but I’ll certainly fight and with my family I’ve got everything to live for.”
Ray keeps very active. He walks regularly in the Northumberland countryside and has even completed a climb to the top of Ben Nevis along with friends and family, raising £4,500 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

On July 28 he will complete the Three Peaks Challenge as he aims to match his fundraising total for the Ben Nevis trek.

He added that he hopes to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s through his challenges, encouraging others to see a doctor as early as possible if they experience increasing memory loss and reminding them that a good quality of life is possible if diagnosed.

“Okay it’s Alzheimer’s, but you can still have a great time. Always be positive,” he said.


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