Problems with my eyes

I have not done very much with the blog recently as I have been struggling with my eyesight.

I have had double vision problems and need to see a specialist next month, so they can decide whether its  down to my dementia or something totally different.

I got involved with a project looking into eyesight problems in people with dementia, and they decided to send me on to the eye hospital for more tests, to see what my problem is and what's causing it.

I have been to London for a meeting on the Dementia Action Alliance, and had to make sure that I did not stand too close to people, otherwise I am straining to look at the "right face" in front of me as I see two, and that is very off putting to say the least.

So if I went cross eyed this week I apologise to those people who were at the meeting, because it was well out of my control

This was also stopping my reading as it becomes very difficult top read unless I sit with one eye permanently shut

Its bad enough trying to speak properly without trying to control my eyes at the same time.

So I decided to give the blog a miss apart from posting a few bits from the daily press when they were discussing dementia.

I am hoping that this will clear very soon so that I can get on with my life again


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