Long weekend

Its been a very long week with many problems, and the weekend dragged a little as I was trying to write a talk about Dementia and spirituality.

I had problems getting my head round it because of the title, then it gradually sank in what it all meant, so I am now getting on with the writing.

Spirituality makes us think of many things, including religion and its a topic which seems to cause a lot of problems around places like the UK, where people are against anything religious, or it seems that way having read many articles, about this topic on the Internet. However religion is very personal and we must take care never to upset anyone.

However I do think our spirituality is also about our way of life and what we believe in, as I was always brought up to have a strong belief in everything I did in life, whether at work, home or in pastimes and hobbies. I was also brought up top have a strong Christian religion, and it has stuck, but I would never dream of thrusting my ideas down someone else's throat. I think we all have vastly different ideas about what we want from life, including our quality of life either now or in the future, and to me this is also part of our spiritual life.

This could also take in things like our life story, which will include, who we are, where we came from, our families and friends, as well as things like, our pets, likes and dislikes.

I have changed quite a bit since my diagnosis, and have taken to liking things that would never be tolerated before such as curries and rock music, but why this has happened I really don't understand.

My tastes in music were always on the conservative side I suppose, as while I liked  pop music I also like classical something which raised a few eyebrows at home when I was a teenager. I never liked rock music of any sort , but now I love Freddie Mercury and Queen along with a few other rock bands. My tastes in foods changed to the state where if I get the chance of a curry I will jump at it, and the hotter the better, yet no one knows why this change has happened.

My choice of food depends what is on offer but these days I have been known to try anything to see what its like, while my wife looks on. I know that there are things that I will not go near to, but eventually that may change.

But spirituality takes on all of these things in dementia, and its all got to be looked at, so that those looking after us can tell what we like doing in life, including hobbies, such as art, dancing, walking and many other things.

I am hoping this week in going to get better than the last, but as with all things in dementia, you just have to take it as it comes


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