Hoping for a better year

This has been a long month due to moving back home again after 6 months living in a small flat since our home was damaged in the floods of last June.

We finally got back home on Wednesday, but our boiler broke down the day before, so it’s not a good start, but we have to try to be positive.

Every one of our neighbours we talk to, is worried about more floods and its times like this that you really understand what people have gone through, when you have lost possessions and had your home damaged by a flood. I think many have been struggling with depression which is very sad. My consultant told me that if I had problems with depression since my diagnosis, this period of my life could have been disastrous.

We are still waiting for British Telecoms to connect our telephone and Internet, next Wednesday, and then I can get back to using the blog again rather than updating my laptop in noisy Pubs where I cannot concentrate

 I am hoping that this year will be more positive than the last



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