Different problems in dementia

I struggle with things like writing this blog, as I don't always remember what I had set out to write, and that causes a lot of stress.

This then means that it takes a while to write it, or I have to keep saving it and coming back in the hope that I remember the subject.

It also causes problems because using the wrong words throws a different slant on what I was trying to get across in the first place. I say that because finding the correct word is not as easy as it used to be, when I was working.

I also have to use spell check quite a lot, which is good on the days when my spelling is good or not so bad, on other days, there is no way spell check stands a chance, as I can not always work out just how a word is spelt in my brain.

I sometimes use voice activated software to write these things out, but if my voice is quieter or weaker than normal, it does not pick up what I am saying or just writes what it thinks I have said.

Similar things happen at meetings

I confess that when I go to meetings I end up with similar problems, because I have to try to understand what is being said before I can find the answer I want. This sometimes ends up with me thinking of an answer when the subject has changed, and this can be embarrassing to myself as well as others who don't understand my problems.

I have met many people at meetings who can volley answers off as well as questions, where I need to think about it very slowly, which sometimes makes me wonder why I bother to go to these events when my thoughts are so much slower than others.

I suppose it all comes down to how I am feeling on the day, as some days I feel fine and question my diagnosis, yet other times I know that there is something wrong with me.

Whether this is the medication working I am not sure, but when some people can quote gospel and verse at events without looking at papers to revise their memories I start to ask what is going on in my brain.

I suppose I should be grateful that I can still do my blog and do my own thing when I want, and perhaps Ii should forget meetings and just enjoy my past times instead. I know that I used to be very active as a engineer working 24 hours a day, I guess that I have to accept change and get on with life in the slower lane.


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