Winter weather and councils

Well the cold weather is doing its worst and the roads are very icy again.

Its seems that each year councils get worse at gritting the roads and footpaths, and this year they have far out past themselves as Durham County Council does do seem bothered about gritting anything which is not their property, or should I say does not have their offices on.

All of their office blocks have been gritted and cleared, yet outside their properties everyone is left to fend for themselves.

This weather and dementia do not mix, as you spend so much time trying to watch where you are going, so its bad enough without slipping and trying to stay on your feet.

I think all councils should start to be dementia friendly, then they will start to respect everyone else instead of looking after only their staff.

Where we are at present due to the floods of June, is on a hill, which is very steep, and the footpaths and roads are treacherous to say the least, so what happened to the days when all footpaths and roads were gritted and made safe for all.

I must admit that I hate this weather and just want to get back home after Christmas before things take a turn for the worst. When it snows life is slightly easier because you can get some grip until it all freezes, but with ice you stand no chance at all.

Last year I slipped on the ice and cracked two ribs, and that is still fresh in my memory


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