Where would you want to go if granted the wish of a wonderful holiday?

I heard someone talking about this the other day and it started to make me think about it.

I suppose we always go on holidays where we can do our own thing and see historical parts of countries, as we are not beach and sun dwellers, so if it’s historical I am more than happy.

 I don’t always remember about the holiday afterwards, but I try to take plenty of photographs on the good days to remember the holiday from.

There are many places I would love to visit, but as will all things in dementia, the travel insurance costs us the earth.

I have been to Malta which was nice and friendly as well as relaxing, Majorca was very nice, Egypt was hot and very historical and we went to Singapore with the Alzheimer’s Society for the Alzheimer’s disease International Conference, but found that very hot and airless, although interesting.

My daughter got married in Florida and I enjoyed being over there, but wished we could have gone to somewhere like Canada which seems very interesting as they have the Rockies.    
I also had a long weekend in Northern Ireland with the Alzheimer's Society, and while we were there we learnt a lot about the problems Ireland has struggled with over the years, and this was good as we got it from the people rather than what the press wanted us to know. The people we met there were very warm and friendly. One day we may go back again.

Another place which sounds interesting is Russia, as we were going on a Baltic cruise this summer until the floods in June put an end to that.

Your imagination can run wild with this, but then reality kicks in and you realise that you will never get the chance and you come back to earth with a thump.

But I suppose it is nice to think about these ideas, as it keeps the mind busy if only fantasy.

I extremely lucky to have travelled around the UK giving talks on dementia with the Alzheimer’s Society when I was an Ambassador with them, and saw many places that I had heard of but never been to, so I should not complain.

These days I only travel to local universities to give talks, but I know that they are interested in dementia so it’s all worthwhile.
I would be interested to hear what other people think about this, all views are more than welcome

Pure fantasy I admit, but you have to allow your imagination to think about these places.

I also know that many people, could never afford to travel outside their own countries but perhaps they dream of the same things, it would be interesting to hear from some less well off countries



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