Much better night

Noise and Lewy Body Dementia

 I have always struggled with noise since being diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and this Christmas id no different.

Over the last two days at my Daughters I have had a rough time, but it’s hard for the Grand children to do anything without the noise, and I would not change them.

When things get bad I have to go to my bedroom and rest, but there are times when I can noy do that including meal times.

There are also times when people with very deep voices cause upset, as their voice level is difficult to cope with.  These voices seem to boom at the bad times.
Coupled with this I have not had a good nights sleep and am  very tired as I have had three bad nights in a row 

 I get very upset after these graphic nightmares, but I suppose that I am lucky they don't happen every night

Last night however I had a good night’s sleep and feel much better this morning although my hearing is still off



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