Dementia and our own personal Champions


We all have our own champions in life, but I do feel that those with dementia have their own champions whether it is a friend or wife/husband or loved ones, rather than sports champions like most other people.

I say that because everyone has a champion in their lives, but to those with this illness we have an extra special champion, as they look after our personal needs in life. They are out to make our life as easy as possible, by removing a lot of the normal everyday pressure of trying to carry on doing things that are becoming difficult and sometimes stressful.

In my case my dear wife is my own personal champion and ambassador, as she looks after many things that I forget about

But to me the mere name Champion or ambassador is simply not enough, because we all have our own champions in life, but none matches the work and care given 24 hours a day by one person

What is more she does all of this without payment, or grudges.

She is my personal secretary

As she answers e-mails on the bad days, and advises me as to what it all means

My Nurse

As she gets a doctor if I look as if I am getting an infection. Strangely enough she can tell I have an infection by my moods or the change in my attitudes, or if I start to get agitated

My advisor

On all subjects and the font of knowledge when needed

Checks where we are going and makes sure that all of the information is correct

Sorts out all of the finances

Does all of the planning which needs doing in advance

She arranges the trips and books the tickets

Is totally in charge of making arrangements to travel anywhere and anytime

My chemist as she sorts out my medication, something I could not do on my own.

She looks after my medication and prompts me if she thinks I need to see a doctor

My prompt when someone speaks and I have not got a clue who, it is I am talking too.

She helps me out, when someone comes up and talks about an event that I was at months or weeks ago, and I'm stuck because I cannot remember the event

She edits my speeches and talks and advises me what to say

She reads through all of my notes to ensure that I have not repeated myself, and corrects any mistakes

This is important because I sometimes repeat things and that would not be good enough if I was giving a talk.


My personal driver, especially when I do not feel up to driving.


Looks after me at home and makes sure that I am turned out looking clean and tidy

Prompter when we need it on bad days

Listens to what I am talking about and comes to my rescue if I get stuck or need help, but she is careful not to jump in too soon or at the wrong time.

Body guard if needed to keep the unwanted people away when needed

Sometimes we feel cornered at events and she steps in now to prevent any stress, when I feel over whelmed


The list goes on, but without my beloved wife for support I would be lost. I may look well when I am out but I feel as if I am trying to run just to keep up with other people in life. Like a duck on water, it looks sedate on the surface, but the legs are going flat out to keep up with the current


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