Dementia and Good quality care


Over the last few years we have seen the National Dementia Strategy being launched by the government along with other measures over the last 15 years, to see people with this illness getting a better quality of care, as well as being treated with the care and dignity, that everyone expects to get from others.

Yet over the last few months we have seen more and more cases of misuse by care home and hospital staff, who keep using the same limp excuse, that they simply don't have time to look after dementia patients.

Yet who is to blame as everyone keeps passing the buck and no one is accountable.

We know that General Practitioners, were given a rise to register and look after people with dementia at their clinic, yet many simply can't be bothered to fill in the register, but I dare bet they take to money and no one bothers to check.

Chief executive officers at all hospitals and care homes are responsible for everyone in their care, and yet these people get away with wholesale robbery at the taxpayers expense.

No only do the negotiate their salary, but also their gold plated handshakes, when they get the sack.

My problem is that I fail to see why these people can negotiate all of this, and yet when they make a complete mess of things in hospitals etc, they pass the blame on to others or they walk away with thousands of pounds as a golden handshake.

If you or I made a very bad mistake at work we would end up getting fired on the spot, and would not get a bonus for doing it, neither would you expect it.

It is my own belief, that these people who are ultimately responsible for all of the services in the care home and hospitals, should make sure that these services are in place and working or they should resign, as they are clearly doing what they want as opposed to government guidelines.
What is more they should never get a job in these places ever again.

I get tired of hearing that the staff have to go in their own time to be trained in how to look after people with dementia.

Or the people in charge don't see any sense in wasting good money, training people to do the job, something that really gets me annoyed.

Or there are so many government targets to be completed that the staff, are overloaded and can't do any more.

The government are setting up guidelines to ensure that all care
home staff get good quality training and are paid a good salary to do the job, yet many care home owners use excuses that are so pathetic. Like we don't have enough computers for the staff to do online training, and anyway we don't pay them to sit and work on computers? So here again those staff who are badly paid are also expected to do online training at home, when they have finished work.

Yet these same care home owners are very well paid supposedly to look after their patients, so where does the money go.

Every day we hear about patients sitting in soiled clothes, or bedding and staff complaining that people with dementia are just a nuisance.

The other day we heard that in one care home, the patients were got out of bed by the night staff and were made to sit in chairs from 6am, so that the day staff did not have to do so much work?

I confess that I don't understand why these care home owners do not loose their licence to run care homes, rather than just giving them a written warning.

I have heard of some care home staff taking online courses to improve themselves and their standard of care, and were then becoming Dementia Champions. These same people would then sometimes try to improve patient care, and if the care home owner refused to take on board what was being suggested, they would then move on to care homes who really wanted to change their ways and standards.

It may take a long time, but eventually we will see a better quality of care in hospitals and care homes, and I can see the time when the bad care homes are simply closed down.

We all live in hope



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