Christmas Holiday

Tomorrow we are heading off to Farnborough in Hampshire to stay at our Daughters for Christmas week.

We have been getting our home ready, so that all being well we can move back again on the 3rd January

Its been a long hard time since the flood in June which badly damaged our home, and its now starting to look wonderful again, although the heavy rainfalls we have had recently, have made us fearful, of it all happening again.

I am now looking forward to spending some time with our wonderful daughter and her husband and the grandchildren, and we hope it will be a happy and enjoyable time.

These children are so nice and caring, and its amazing how much they understand about dementia, although they call it "old timers".
I make a mistake and call someone the wrong name, or get stuck for words, they always say something like, don't worry you have old timers and have an excuse for forgetting things.

There are times what it brings tears to my eyes, as its all genuine, but I try to hide it as much as possible.

So if you don't hear anything over the next week, may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and I hope that we all have a better year next year.



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