Lewy Body Dementia and Graphic nightmares



When a person has a dementia like Lewy Body dementia or perhaps Parkinson's, they may well not sleep well at night.

Many people like myself can sleep quite deeply for half an hour during the day, sometimes after lunch, but night times it can be a hazard as I have found to my horror on many occasions.

I have tried going to sleep listening to classic music when I go to bed, which I listen to through headphones. Sometimes that works, providing the music is fairly slow and not lively, otherwise I get into trouble for waking my wife up. Lively music can also keep the mind active so you can not sleep as good as normal.

If this fails the nightmares can be severe and can end up with someone getting hurt, and that can be even more distressing for me, as it all happens without my knowledge. I now sleep with all breakables well out of reach as a precaution.

No one seems to understand what causes these horrible nightmares, and I personally do not want to take a tranquilizer, as I find that I need to get out of these as soon as I can.

It was suggested that I took a new tablet at night time, but that made things so much worse, and I have a fear that if I take a tranquilizer I may not be able to wake up, and break free of this horror.

The main problem with these nightmares is that sometimes they stop when I wake up, when other times, they can go on while I am awake and then start all over again when I try to sleep, and this can cause me to get out of bed in total fear as I can not get away from it, no matter how I try.

This leaves me in a state of exhaustion, as I am tired but at the same time too frightened to attempt to go to sleep, so that in turn adds more problems to my cognitive problems, so this is quite a vicious circle.

I do feel sorry for everyone else who has these problems as there feels as if there is no way out of this situation.

I have also tried hot chocolate etc before going to bed in the hope of stopping this but that does not seem to work either, so I live in hope that sooner or later the medical profession will come up with a remedy.

I do wonder just how many people go into these nightmares and have a heart attack, as they can be so horrific and you can not get out of them.


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