When I was told about Horses Mouth I really did not know what it was nor did I understand what it was trying to achieve  However it soon became part of my life and I found that as someone with the illness, I could help others whether they were people with Dementia, Carers, Loved ones, or family friends.

 I have helped quite a few people and feel as if I have gained many new friends in return.

This is an independent website where people can go for impartial support and advice about any illness, and no matter what illness you have there is always someone there to help and support you, day and night.

Most of those on this website have experience in one form or another, and although Dementia is a big topic we always try to help, but do not  give medical advice.

The main problem is that although there are around 12 different types of dementia, there are well over 120 variations of the illness and each person goes down a different route and has different symptoms, so no two people with the illness are the same, and this causes many problems with people who think that their symptoms don’t match the norm.

I feel that it is sometimes a very good thing to have something like HorsesMouth, as we all get diagnosed with illness such as dementia and we feel totally numb, and after the diagnosis has sunk in the questions start to come. But there is not always someone around to give you the answers, and this is where Horses Mouth can come into its own, as there are people there most of the time and quite a few have the illness.

I also feel that many people could enjoy the experience of mentoring and supporting others in their time of need, and when it works well you really get a buzz and a sense of achievement,” A job well done”, so I could recommend it to anyone who wants to become a mentor and help others through a difficult time, and usually help yourself in the process. 

So if you are willing to help and have to free time why don’t you come and join us.





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