Hate this illness

There are times when I hate this illness because I simply can not see the obvious at times, and I find that distressing. I suppose this all goes back to my time as an Engineer when I spent hours on end looking for faults and correcting them, now it takes me days or sometimes weeks to find or remember what I am looking for.

I know that in time I will stop looking at problems, and will end up with someone else finding and correcting them, but at present it simply does not help me.

society, who say that we should be helping ourselves more or that we are doing the wrong things in life.

I was very active at work and led a busy life, which was enjoyable, I worked all hours of the day and at times night, so much so I never had time to think about being depressed or fed up.

However the first thing a doctor says these days when a person with memory problems go to see them is, that they are depressed. HOW CAN THIS BE.

Can they not look beyond that and look at what is causing the so called depression, something like, I can not remember how to do my job, or why did I get lost going to work today, why can I not remember my computer log on codes, where are my keys, I have forgotten that persons name and that is embarrassing.

It seems very strange that everyone is labeled with being depressed without looking for the cause behind it, and this has happened to many people some of who have been put on anti depressants and then taken off when the GP realises that it is not depression after all but dementia. But they never say that they got it wrong do they, its always your fault.

Perhaps these people need more training after all to ensure that they know what they are doing, and stop destroying other peoples lives.

I always say live life to the full, while you can, don't over do anything, but do it in moderation. Because you have to go with something so why not go happy.



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