Dementia and Snow

This is weather looks very nice from inside the house, but it causes untold misery to those like me who have this illness, or some other illness that involves the brain.

Like many I have to walk where I can, and with special awareness, I tend to plan my route as I am going.

This means I spot the point where I want to be and head for it, avoiding traffic or obstacles that get in the way.

However on a normal day this is a waste of time, as everyone else seems to take the direct route, and if that means pushing you over so be it.

But when we add the snow and ice, as we still have these days it causes more distress.

As well as aiming for my destination, I also have to watch for and navigate the snow and sheet ice, and keep out of the way of others, who are determined to get past come what may.

I confess that I will be pleased to see the back of it, yet we have not had as much snow and ice as others, and we are now down to around 10 inches on the gardens.

I think the cold weather slows the brain down as well, as I have found it very hard, to concentrate and think straight, when the temperatures drop that way they have in the last week

My wife thinks that I should stay in, but I don't want to stay in anymore, as this has been going on now for two weeks and I feel like a caged tiger.

Roll on the summer

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