Dementia and Falls


Until the last year I had occasional slips but never gave it a lot of thought. But over the last few months I have noticed that when I am going uphill, or I am getting tired, I am starting to trip a lot more, and it is only when people like my wife or son are around that I am stopped from hitting the ground.


I have realised that I am not lifting my feet as much as I used to do, and perhaps that is the problem. Occasionally it is also caused by uneven paving or ramps that I just don't see till its too late.


Many shopping malls these days have ramps occasionally which we don't expect, in places like that, and that causes problems to many.


I think part of my problem is also caused by my osteoarthritis, and I was given a walking stick by the hospital physio, but my own GP, said that I should not use it, so I don't know who to believe.


My wife is always says that I should use the stick, but who do you believe? any more, but like all men, I feel as if my pride is too big to allow me to do the obvious.

However I can understand just how people with dementia fall as much as they do.


I know that I sometimes see things on the ground that are not there, but that is due to the brain doing things, and this sometimes makes us step over things that are not there, or we just don't see the obvious as most normal people do. I am not saying that people with this illness are not normal, because we are, its just our brain is doing its own thing, and it gets annoying and very frustrating at times.


But perhaps this is why there are so many falls in care homes etc, and no one is taking any notice of the problems faced, by what I think is spacial awareness, and also possibly problems with our eyes.



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