Dementia and Assistive Technology


Many people assume quite wrongly that a person with Dementia can not use assistive technology.

However when we think about this, why is it so wrong for people with dementia to have this equipment, when most people use it all their lives at home and at work. Because like it or not assistive technology covers all the things used today, whether it is a mobile phone, Dictaphone, hearing aids, computers, walking sticks, chair lifts, the list is far too long to mention.

 I have also been told by people in the social services on two occasions, that it is against the civil liberties of people with dementia to have to use this type of thing.

But it is my opinion that when you get this type of diagnosis you then loose your civil liberty’s as you then have to rely on others.

Assistive technology comes in various forms, and most of this equipment is there to help us to retain our freedom and independence for as long as possible, without others feeling the need to be watching us every minute of the day.

One of these things used quite often is a form of tracking device which allows the person, with dementia to carry on taking walks unaided. Most of these can be tracked on a standard computer, in a similar way to that used by some parents who wish to track their children, by tracking the position of the mobile phone using a computer.

While most mobile phones can be tracked this way, some of the older phones do not have this facility.

I personally find nothing wrong with this as I have my freedom.

Another device which I find useful is voice activated software, which is loaded onto my computer and allows me to dictate what ever I wish to the computer and it types it all out.

This is very helpful to me as there are days when I struggle to use the computer keyboard, and although it is extremely odd watching the machine type the words you are speaking, it has removed a lot of the daily stress.

But I would advice everyone to go and see what is available on the market to make your lives that little bit easier



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