Back again

We have returned from our daughters after a long week end of looking after the grandchildren while our daughter and husband were in America.

It was a hard weekend, as I forgot just how much hard work it was looking after children, but it was also full of surprises.
Yesterday we returned home, but that was stressful as the trains were delayed due to flooding, but it was only when we got outside Durham that I fully realized just how bad things were.

I could see what I thought was foam, then when I got closer to the train windows I saw that the train was actually running through water and sending waves across this vast expanse of water.
It was only when we saw the local news on Television that we saw just how bad this was, as it looked as if a new sea had been formed while we were away.

Luckily for us we were not flooded at home this time round, but the builders said that they were worried seeing the large pumps working out of our front window.

This afternoon with the help of the builders we got the aquarium back into the house, so its protected from the drop in temperature.
It was surprising just how long it took to do, once we had drained the water out, and now we will just have to sit back and see whether there is any long term damage to the fish.

It's taken four long years to set this aquarium up and have it stocked with some wonderful fish, and I would be horrified if anything went wrong now as I get so much pleasure  from sitting watching it each day
 I know that like other pets I can not take them for walks etc, but when you go near to them they always respond, and that means so much to me.

I also got my driving license back today, which was a bonus because I never expected to get it this year.


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