Dementia and General Hospital beds



I often wonder why it is that general hospitals are getting full of dementia patients, yet no one is doing anything about it.

It seems to me that we are starting to get rid of all of the care homes owned by County Councils, and that means these Councils don’t really want to know about the elderly and are simply moving they share of the burden onto others.

Like it or not everyone pays their council tax and therefore these councils should be held responsible for their actions. Why should the health service do the Councils work for them?

As someone who was involved with the National Dementia Strategy, I thought we were going places and going fast, but every now and then we get the news people saying that wards in general hospitals are clogged up with the elderly and those who have dementia, because there simply is nowhere else for them to go.

Surely it’s time to get things reversed, and make each council look after its own elderly, rather than filling their own pockets, and leaving someone else to build care homes. The problems is that the care homes in the private sector are all big companies, and companies look for profit, and they will make a profit anyway they can. To me it’s another way of hitting those already struggling to live with an illness, which is getting bigger by the week.

I think the Government should change things and change them fast, by making councils more responsible for those in their areas, and making all moneys available for dementia care accountable, no matter where its being spent. This in my own view and this money should also be ring fenced to ensure that it is spent on the right things by the right people, and not as we have seen in many places being used to prop up other services.

All staff should be given the correct training in all care homes to ensure that they know what they are doing irrespective of the costs involved. Lets be honest, a good care home which is run well with well trained staff always comes out on top, and people will respect the owners.




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    1. Dear Mae
      Thank you for following the blog and welcome. I have a dear friend called Barry somewhere near to you and have learnt so much about this illness on your islands.
      Please feel free to comment and I will publish any comments as they may help may others around the world



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