Not in control

Over the last few months I confess I have not felt myself, I do feel as if someone else is controlling my brain and life. 
It's a bit frightening, but I have been to some dark places recently, and have struggled to sort myself out. 

My wife thinks the virus has made everyone feel a bit depressed these days and it's this making things worse.

Whether it is true or not, I just don't understand, but these days I feel totally on edge and not in control of my life. 

I know that wearing a face mask is causing a lot of upset, as I get my glasses and hearing aids tangled up, but also to my brain i guess the mask is something which should not be there. 

I feel more confused and struggling to cope, especially when it comes to wearing a face mask when I go out, and this is causing more stress, but I guess I have have to accept this and move on although it's not easy. 

However one of the most difficult things, is trying to work out and remember what the date and day are, as it's all blending into one these days.

I know I am not alone, but I wish things could get back to normal again 


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