Feeling Rough

After a battering from a chest infection which did not clear, and sputum test which was supposed to be clear, I was referred back to the doctors yesterday, where I had a series of tests done including one to check that I did not have the Covid infection. 

I confess that I struggled to cope with wearing a mask let alone having the Covid tests done, and seeing a doctor and respiratory nurse all done up in PPE was a little frightening, a bit  like something from a horror film, even though I knew both of them. 

I was told that sputum tests can be confusing, and as it was pointed out yesterday, what is normal when your lungs are wrecked. Luckily for me the person saying this, has a lot of experience as her daughter has the same problems. 

I don't feel as if I have this horror, but these days you can never tell as this Government keep changing the symptoms etc, all of the time. But hopefully I will get the pass results on Friday. 

I was sent home with some very strong antibiotics, which killed the chest infection last year,  so hopefully they will work again, although they seem to hammer the body in the process.

The last infection I had in June seemed to give me more thought processing problems,   similar to those I vaguley remember after I had viral pnumonia in 2001. I had problems finding my way to work, and could not remember my computer passwords etc, then lost the ability to remember my electrical training, and that finally finished my job as an engineer. 

I found that to be frightening, and this last episode was very similar, and I guess that's why my wife pushed me into seeing a doctor as a precaution. 

My memory is bad enough these days with getting infections like this 

Since I have Bronchiectasis and Emphysema,  I have been checking my oxygen levels at home since this virus started in March, but over the last few weeks, I noticed a drop which was a little frightening, so that was another reason to see a professional. 

I also have something called an Heamphilis influenza bug living in the bottom of my lungs, and its this which causes so much trouble as it cannot be killed off.

As my dear daughter has said on many occasions, I need hanging upside down by my feet so that my lungs can drain out. I know she is only kidding, but this does get distressing at times trying to remove the rubbish so I can breathe properly again. I have exercises for this, but they don't always work. 

I have not been on social media very much during the last two months simply because I am terrified of writing the wrong things, or misunderstanding what I am looking at. 

He tiredness is terrible and can drop off to sleep at anytime, i guess I have never known anything like this before, and sometimes its very hard to stay awake.

I only go out for short walks round our local park and this is usually when its very quiet, which is not far from our front door, and this keeps my legs going and also means I am getting some fresh air away from the woodburning stoves in our area. 

Friday cannot come fast enough now so that I know what I am up against, I just want to get my walks back again. 


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