Taking things for granted

As  this virus progresses we start to miss many things, we took as normal, but in many ways it could be said that we took it all for granted.

Going out for exercise and enjoying meeting people while we were out. 

Seeing the family, and having cuddles with the grandchildren, and it's getting harder. 

We saw my son and his family last weekend, but they were outside the garden,and that was so hard for us both seeing them go and not having a hug, cuddle kiss. 

Going shopping, in newcastle, and having a coffee and scone in John Lewis  or Mark's and Spensors. Or going to Costa for a coffee.

Missing to our Static caravan in Barnard Castle, our second home, where I feel so relaxed, and the air is so much cleaner. So clean that once we have unpacked, I usually go straight to sleep no matter what time of day it is.

Going for a haircut on a regular basis, something I like to do, as my hair has a mind of it's own.
I was missing having a haircut, as i looked , like a shaggy dog. But my Son Mark came to my rescue and cut my hair. For an Electrical Engineer he did an amazing job,and my wife says it looks better than it does after I have been to a professional barber. 
Janice said he looked terrified when he was cutting my hair, but he did it and I was proud of him for helping. 

We all take things for granted. 


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