Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stunning scenery

This afternoon I went for a walk down through some woods in Barnard Castle.

I was completely staggered at the colours of the wild flowers while walking down the hill, there seemed to be a blanket of colour.

I could not get down to the bottom of the woods to get a better photograph, and was only carrying one lens so I was restricted
As a child living in the North of County Durham, we used to play in an area called bluebell woods, but I do not remember anything as spectacular as this.

I only go so far because I was feeling very chesty, but there must have been millions of blurlpbells covering the hillsides 

I was down here a lot last year, but never saw this vast expanse of colour, and everyone who stopped was talking about it looking so beautiful.

This is a stunning place where I enjoy sitting and watching nature in all its colours and beauty 
It's so peaceful and a lot of people love this area, because they can relax.

The downside wa the fact that I needed my inhaler to get back up the hill and back to the caravan, but I really enjoyed the walk, short as it was

To top it off I saw this cute baby rabbit with a white patch on its head. It seemed to ignore me at first and then hid its head as if it could not see me

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