Sunday, 15 May 2016

You cannot have dementia

A few years ago just after my diagnosis for early onset Lewy Body Dementia, I had problems with my water works, but as the consultant was unsure as to whether it was the Exelon causing it or not, I was sent to see a specialist in this subject.

Once I was there my wife asked if she could go with me to see the consultant because of my poor memory.

 It was agreed by the nurse, but when it came to the consultant, he refused saying that there did not seem to be anything wrong with me and certainly not dementia.

He even refused to discuss the Exelon, so it went no further as he was rude and arrogant.

When I saw the dementia consultant again, she looked at my wife in sheer horror and said, since when has the brain been in the bladder? and how can you tell by looking at someone that they have dementia?
 It is an illness which shows very few if any, visible signs, unlike a broken leg etc. 

After a few weeks a follow up letter came, suggesting three different hospitals where they looked into bladder problems. 

We chose a different hospital, where I received totally different treatment, and where the consultant was a gentleman who cared and discussed things with my wife.
He even spent time discussing the procedure with us both, and had a nurse with me at all times

Needless to say I have never been back to see the first consultant ever again.

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