Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dementia training

My wife and I have been doing extra dementia work with local branches in the North East, after our branch manger asked if we would help.

We had both done Dementia Friends Training, so we decided to help out as they felt that they needed more training and experience from someone with the illness.

I as amazed at how they treated us, and in many ways it was well respected. So of that staff made life a lot easier with their warm attitude which helped me to enjoy the early mornings.

This has been an amazing experience as there is so much interest by the staff, at getting this right in the community.

Although it gets tiring as it's all early in the morning, I have done it as as it's only once a week.

As well as this their staff did awareness walks between the branches during dementia awareness week and helped raise a lot if money

I can only commend Lloyds bank for doing this, and also commend my dear friend Trevor Javis who got this all started at lloyds bank.

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