Saturday, 3 May 2014

We don't suffer from dementia

I get really annoyed with professionals who keep talking about people suffering from dementia.

It's like those who insist that dementia is an age related illness when it's clearly not, as there are around 17,000 thousand people under the age of 65, who have one form of dementia or another.

 Everyone with dementia that  I have spoken to, says that they don't suffer from it, but we all struggle with it.

I simply do not understand these comments from these professionals,  like those who talk about people dying with dementia, another phrase which is wrong, because we die from complications not from dementia.

To me someone who is suffering from an illness is in pain. 

It's one of those phrases which to me is misused, by many, because it's used in all illnesses, but it does not describe the illness at all.

The term living with, or in the early stages, living well with dementia is more fitting, to describe our lives.

Yes it's distressing and upsetting when your losing control of your hobbies and major parts of life, but I would never tell anyone that I am suffering from dementia.

So please use your terms properly as you are upsetting those who have the illness, and some argue that these terms are prolonging the stigma. 

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