Friday, 22 November 2013


The other day I did a follow up presentation on Dementia and Spirituality in Newcastle.

The event was being held in a local church, something I have never done before, and the odd thing which startled me on two occasions was the number of clergy sitting in the pews listening to what was being said.

When my wife and I arrived we were welcomed by the parish priest and his wife, and were shown around the new church buildings, and really made feel like guests of honour, but at the same time it made me feel relaxed, and ready for whatever came.

However during the interval of the event, when I was unsure what the response would be from comments I had passed about Dementia in the Society and the Church, but I was amazed that many of the people said that they welcomed my comments, which had made them realise just how out of touch they were as far as dementia is concerned. Judging by the looks on some faces, not everyone in the room shared their views, but then we can not win them all over in one go

Although one church Priest said that they were doing something to make people with dementia feel at home by using the traditional services etc.

I was also asked if I would attend two other future religious events where dementia would be the main topic, and may be asked to speak.

One of these is for a local group of clergy, where they feel the services could and should be altered to suit people with dementia.

I was not at all sure whether I was stepping into a Lions den with this, but I suppose that others with dementia may well be struggling to cope with religious services these days, so if I can help them  I then feel as if I have achieved something good

I do feel that if we can change the way Churches treat us, we are well on the way to achieving a dementia friendly country, so if I am asked to speak at other places including churches, I will have to consider this, as we must change the way people with dementia are treated.

I know that it will never happen, but If I was asked to speak to a Bishop etc, I may well feel as if I have started the ball rolling, because these people have the power to help us.

Writing to them simply is not the answer, I did that once and did not get a decent response

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