Monday, 22 April 2013

There are times when I hate this illness

I knew last week was bad, but it was this morning when I realised just how bad it had got.

Last Thursday I decided to upgrade my life story as some pages were out of date, and I had added other information, so I printed the new sheets off, and then for some reason, only my brain knows why. 

 I went off to shred the old copies, but realised halfway through that I had actually shredded the originals and the new copies.

I had mixed them all up.

After this I was close to tears, and there was no one at home to talk to. So I started all over again from copies I had stored on discs.
Needless to say its now all up to date, and out of my way, with a large note in the front saying, DO NOT TOUCH ON BAD DAYS.
Will it work or will I not understand it next time round  

My wife reminded me this morning, that I was giving a talk at Northumbria University next week, something I had totally forgotten about, so I went to the computer to find the talk and read it through, to see if there were any mistakes, as I don't always see them.

However when I got there I could not find it anywhere and realised that I had deleted the shortcuts and the talk by mistake.

So I set too and started to rewrite it again from notes on sheets of paper left beside the computer.

Then I remembered that I had changed to title of the talk, and eventually found it in the wrong folder on my computer. 

 Dementia is so unpredictable at times

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