Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Blog

I have tried to contact Google about my blog and got no where as they want me to use a credit card as Identification, but I don't use them for obvious reasons I have early onset Lewy Body Dementia.

So I set this one up yesterday and have downloaded copy's of my old blog pages to get me going again.

I came back from London on Tuesday; feeling very tired and should have sat back and had an easy day.

However I tried to reset my G Mail account to stop messages coming through to my mobile phone and ended up closing my account by mistake.

The worst bit of all this was the fact that I lost my blog which means so much to me.

 Yesterday in desperation I set up a new blog, as I had copies of most of the documents I had posted on the blog.

 I have probably lost many contacts through this, and hope they find the new blog again
Still while I can still do this I will keep it going.

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