Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Blog seems to be working at last

After two hard weeks the new blog seems to be taking off, and doing well.

I was distraught when the old blog died, as it was doing so well, but like everyone else who has this illness, I have learnt the hard way, as I should have kept well clear of the Internet that day as it was not a good day to do anything which involved thinking.

I had tried to get Google to help but nothing happened, so it was a case of setting up a new blog, in the hope that it worked.

However by this morning the number of readers had risen to nearly 500 in 10 counties, so I can not complain.

I still have a few old blog pages to upload, and then I can see what happens

I would love people to join me and send comments in especially from other countries, as I am always interested to hear about dementia in far off countries.

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