Recovering from yet another chest infection

Two weeks ago, I felt drained and chest, and then my wife realised last week that I had another chest infection, I confess that it did not feel too bad, but I have been caught out by this before, and there is no way I will go into hospital during this crisis. 

I should have gone in at Christmas due to an infection, but I told the doctor that i as not going, however she did agree that I would get better faster at home in my own environment.

I understand the antibiotics by a drip, can be faster, but as I tend to act out my dreams and nightmares while sleeping, I would simply pull the thing out of my arm,  so it's something, to consider.  

I am prone to repeated chest infections, due to the fact that I have Bronchiectasis and Emphysema. The Bronchiectatsis  was something that developed when I was a child, after a bout of whooping cough, measles  and mumps. That I guess wrecked my lungs without anyone knowing, and that was made worse by a life working in industry.

Life is interesting and certainly not boring, but  I guess the one thing that upsets me is when doctors etc, ask if I am stressed or depressed, yes I get stressed,  when I don't remember how to do things, or I feel rough and can't get out for a walk etc, but that's not depression and these people cannot accept this

However these chest infections cause many other problems, which have an effect on my memory etc. Like the pneumonia I had around 1990 this one has had an effect on my emotions,  thoughts and memory  etc, and it's been an uphill struggle to keep going. I guess it's because I feel so shattered, dropping off to sleep quite a lot, and unable to think clearly. 

This was highlighted last week when I saw a money raising idea for charity, on facebook, and  after looking for my favourite charity, the Lewy Body Society,  I found that I had started  the thing going without realising what I had done. 

In some ways I am pleased to help raise money, but this gave me a big shock, however it seems to be doing alright. 

Both my wife and daughter, say they know when things are building up like infections, by the change in me. I understand that I get very tired and sleep a lot, but also irritable, because I dont see or understand fully what is happening at times.

It's cut my activities down and I have to take it easy for another week at least. But I am back on gentle exercise again so that will help to get me going again. 

I am a terrible patient at the best of times, and struggled the last time I was ill in hospital but at home I can at least do odd things without getting into trouble. 

I am hoping that my spelling is alright, as it's taken my three days to work this out. 


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