Not Coping with hot weather

After the hot weather recently, I realised that I don’t cope with it anymore. 

This seems to cause memory and cognitive problems, on top of the other long term breathing problems, Bronchiectasis and Emphysema.

Prior to this I guess I just assumed the breathing was down to my asthma, until I was rediagnosed with these two problems. 

I was always fine when we were on holiday abroad, but it seems that it’s the humidity causing the problems. 

While I like the weather to be warm these days,  I don’t like it to be too hot, otherwise the wheels come off and I get agitated and stroppy as my dear wife says. 

We went to our static caravan, but had to come home as it was too hot and airless, making me feel totally ill. 

I love being there because it’s a lot higher than it is at home, and the air is much cleaner and healthier, but I guess that’s life. 
As the weather is cooling down we are going back for a few days 


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