Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Blogs around the world

Blogs are used by many people these days, some as a daily journal, while others are about personal medical problems or interests

Although my own started off as a way of describing my graphic nightmares and other problems linked to Lewy Body Dementia, I often look at things like photography and wildlife, something I love to follow while I can.

I have often been in the lucky position of photographing wildlife, which has given me so much pleasure, because to me on a good day, it's a real bonus.

While the professionals see things on a daily basis, I am not always thinking clearly enough, or don't have a camera with me, so when things really click together it gives me so much joy.

The other day my wife and I were out for a walk and I saw something move, but as normal, I have to look at it carefully to see if it's real or my brain playing trucks.

It was only when my wife yelped that I realised, that yes it was real, and it was some form of mouse.
I don't know if it was a door mouse or a field mouse, but it was happily munching away on something ignoring us.

So I managed to get my phone out of my pockets and photographed the small animal.

Some days at our caravan I see other wildlife,  if I am lucky to get close enough, like the young rabbits around the site.

There is something relaxing about watching wildlife, and I really enjoy it,  when my eyes and brain are working

However many people these days write about one topic or another and never  cover anything else.

These days I don't always have the ability to remember as much as I used to do, so I use voice activated software to remember things, or the recorder on my phone,  and this helps me to remember the topics I want to write about, and any useful information

Writing blogs is a way of exercising explaining things like an illness, in the hope it can help others, or it may be a way of removing stigma etc.

If I ever get stuck on a topic, I sometimes look it up on the internet and then use any relevant information, but also state where utility come from.

I do this so that it may help others understand medical problems I have, but also highlight the useful websites or charities who produced the information.

The reason for this is because I feel that many consultants don't have three times to explain things as you need them, so you are left to find your own way

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