A long year

It seems to have been a very long year, but I guess that's because if all of my chest infections, which according to our family doctor seem to start all over again within 6 to 8 weeks after taking antibiotics.
However it seems that this could be down to the Heamophilis Influenza bug which is firmly implanted in my lungs, and could have been there since early childhood days.

I am now seeing a new chest consultant who has done a lot of tests etc, and tomorrow I go to Bishop Auckland general hospital for a CT scan.

As far as I know,  this will be the last test before I see the consultant again in the new year,  when we hope to get the answers to the problems.

He already thinks that I have had Bronchiectasis since early childhood hood, caused by Whooping cough Mumps and measles.

When I had pnumonia in 2001 I was told that I had scarring tissue in my lungs, which it seems could have been caused by wood dust among other things.

I also had heart valve problems, which were detected around 1970s and it appears that this could be making things worse

I had an echocardiogram last week, and they had problems finding one of the heart valves,  and then a doctor was brought in to look.

So now it's a case of waiting to see what the new year brings when I see the consultant next

However I am now more positive than I was under the last consultant,  because he seems to want to find the answers and that has to be a good thing.

At least things seem to be moving in the right direction now.


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