Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Positive start to the day

It's been a positive start to the day, and one I am pleased with.

I had been cleaning the garage out and found some tools, which had been put to one side after our home was flooded by 2'- 6" of water a couple of years ago. 

This water from what I remember flooded our estate within 20 minutes like a tidal wave, and even the car ended up being scrapped, as it to had water above the seats. 

I remember seeing some photographs of this the other day, which was a bit if a shock

Most of my tools had been cleaned up when we returned, but half a dozen were put to one side as they were seized, and I forgot all about them until I came across them this morning.

I sprayed most of them with an industrial spray which frees things up, then looked at a Stanley Yankee screwdriver which was totally seized up.

This had been fairly new and I did not wish to throw it out.

I decided that they only way to do this was to try to dismantle it completely, but as I had not done anything like this for around 20 years, I was unsure whether to try it.

This is because taking things apart, and them rebuilding them is no longer one of my strong points.

But I decided to at least try, because there is nothing lost even if it fails, apart that is from losing the screwdriver.

So I stripped it down trying to remember what it looked like, and then laid everything out in order, as best I could, hoping that the telephone did not ring, otherwise I would have forgotten which bits were which.

Then I reassembled it, and to my surprise found that it worked as good as new.

Strange, I sometimes forget what I had just eaten, yet I managed to work my way through this after all these years. 

So it proves that somewhere in this brain there are things locked away. 

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