Monday, 4 May 2015

Confusion after yesterday

In yesterday's blog I wrote about the problems I came up against through the DVLA, after which I got quite a lot of messages

One or two people said that if I had a letter from the DVLA, stating that while I was waiting for their medical reviews to be completed, I could legally carry on driving. 

Yes we have a letter according to my wife, but it worries me that I could get into trouble, if I was involved in an accident through no fault of my own.

I also understood that no matter what happens, it's the date on your driving licence that matters and nothing else.

 Some insurance companies work with the DVLA it appears, and allow you to carry on driving providing,  you have this letter.

I contacted the police to ask their advice, but up till now I gave had no response, but I guess it's because it's a bank holiday weekend.

 I was going to ask a local policeman, but we hardly see any these days, so I guess it's wait and see.

When I get an answer I will pass it on.

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