Sunday, 23 November 2014

Asking for help

I received this on Saturday, and wondered if anyone could possibly help with this.
I do have a forwarding email address, and will pass it on if needed

Hi Ken,

I'm delighted reading your blog as I'm learning so much about the LBD. I'm not directly dealing with it, as I live in Canada, but my uncle, who lives in Colombia, South America is who suffered it, been diagnosed about 4 years ago. His father, my grandpa, suffered from Parkinson's, so at the beginning we thought my uncle had it also. Now, we think that because my uncle was a university professor in chemistry for many decades, the exposure to many chemicals at the labs could' be a factor in developing this disease. However, we don't know for sure. Unfortunately in Colombia the information and resources are even more limited that in NorthAmerica. We are also trying to find if there is a way his brain can be donated for further  studies that in a future can conduct to find a cure for the LBD. If you have any related information  whether regarding the body donation, or the relationship between chemicals and the disease, I would greatly appreciate if you could share it with us. I would also would like to ask your permission for sharing your blog with my relatives, especially those who are taking direct care of my uncle, to help them to understand more the processes and circumstances he is enduring.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding!

Sandra Nathalia Bellina.

Lewy Body Association
Lewy Body,uk 

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