Saturday, 2 August 2014

Guest blogs

I have been asked if I would allow people to write guest blogs on this site, and although it's I have always been nervous of I am starting to wonder whether it's right

However I am starting to think it may be a nice idea, as long as the blogs are genuinely about dementia and are not advertising.

There are many interesting things happening g in the dementia field, medically, socially and spiritually, and I would like to explore these important issues while I can still do this, although my eyes are starting to get worse at times.

I think if it's someone living with the illness, a carer struggling with it, or a medical person wishing to share their views I may well be open to offers. 

I will however be checking to make sure they are easy to understand, not written in medical jargon and not pure advertising.

I am also open to blogs from foreign countries, as I an often reading about dementia outside the UK, the differences in diagnosis and medication

This will only happen occassionally as I want to hang on to the blog as long as I can.

Let me know your thoughts about this, because this was set up purely as a way of discussing problems with my illness and diagnosis

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