Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Better night

I had a better night last night, because I was put on some different medication to help me sleep.

Although it was just the first night, I am still feeling tired, but I will be interested to see if thus really works. 

This is a small disease at present, because people with Lewy body dementia, have a reaction to to some medical treatments, but if this seems to work it can be increased in a couple of months.

I have had trouble before with certain medications, but it seems that I am sensitive to some medical treatments because of the Lewy body dementia, so it's a case of wait and see what happens now.

Next week I am also off to see my doctor about problems with my right leg and walking. 
I have been struggling with pains in my right hip, knee and ankle joints, and it feels as if my leg is twisted and out of line. 

I understand part of this could be gait, and also osteoarthritis, so I await the results.  

I know I had osteoarthritis in the hip, so whether this has now spread down to other joints in my leg I don't know.

Still I am getting around much better since using my walking stick, which also helps my balance, so life goes on. My only concern is that I occassionally drag one foot, which causes me to fall, but this does not happen too much

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