Monday, 18 August 2014

Awful night

I had another awful night, that's two in a row, just as I thought things were getting better after the new medication was stated last week.

I am amazed people do not have heart attacks during nights like this as they are so frightening.

However as I keep damaging my right arm when I walk into things, I am strapped up and has sterry strips on my wounds, to keep the skin flaps closed. On top of that I am on strong antibiotics, so this could be making my nights worse, as the night time medication and antibiotics could be making life much worse

Once I am off these antibiotics we will see what happens. 

I suppose this is all caused by the fact that my balance is on it's way out, and I cannot walk in a straight line anymore, and my eyes are rubbish, so I do not always tell how close things are until I hit them.

 My skin is very thin due to the constant use of steroids after all the chest infections I have been having, so when I walk into things the skin either blisters big time or the skin peels back which is quite frightening. 

This illness is cruel and I can now understand how people get depressed as part  of dementia, as this weekend was very nasty, a place I have never been before and it scared me to death. 

However I feel a lot better today and hope things start to pick up again. 

I am off to get my hip and knee  X-rays done this morning as they think I have osteoarthritis in one leg which could be making my balance worse and my foot sometimes drags and trips me up,  so it's going to be a long day. 
But I am hopeful that the rest of the day will be good.

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