Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Very tired today

I am feeling very tired today after a long night from hell.

I seemed to get over one very bad dream, and then drift off into another one. I thought I had got away from them, but in the last two weeks they have been coming back again, and I am starting to wonder why this happens.

It gets distressing when this happens as nothing seems real and I am not going to bed feeling distressed or worried about anything.

The problem is that after a bad night I feel very tired and drained, so after a few of these I feel like a zombie, and not up to concentrating on very much.

Most of my recent blogs have been written down and saved on my ipad, done when I could think straight.

I often wonder what causes these horrors of the night in Lewy body dementia, as it's not easy to explain at all.

I am helping my wife tomorrow with some dementia training at another branch of Lloyds bank, so I am hoping for a good nights sleep, otherwise I will not be able to help her.

Here's hoping 

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