Friday, 4 July 2014

Odd response from medical researcher

I have noticed many changes since my diagnosis of Lewy body dementia, and none of these really made any sense to me.

But a few days ago I was talking to a medical researcher at an event, and mentioned the changes I had noticed, and he said that this did not make any sense to him. 

I know that these changes made little sense to me when I thought about them, but I did think a researcher would have heard about them in one way or another.

I also exolained that I was not alone is other people I know with this illness have experience the same or very similar chages, which include tastes in food, as well as music and other things.

I said that I could never eat curries of any type for many years, yet since my diagnosis I have started eating most curries, the hotter the better, something which is very odd.

My tastes in music have also changed from when the Beatles etc were around. I liked pop and also classical music. 

Now I enjoy Freddie murcury and queen, Eric Clapton and so on, very odd.

Many other things have changed, but I am staggered to find that my view on politics has changed also, but I will not go into that, as this really is very hard to accept let alone understand.

Is this all down to Lewy body dementia.

If so I think many of my friends living with this illness would really like to know

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