Sunday, 8 December 2013

Animals and Humans

They say that animals have special bond with humans, and I have enjoyed a lovely bond with our sons dog Skye.

She is a sheep dog belonging to my son Mark, and is always full of endless energy which never seems to stop.

Apart from the exercises Skye never asks for anything else when she stays with us on the odd days during the week, although for some reason she never like me to go to sleep, and if I do she grabs my fingers and shakes them gently, as if to say wake up.

When my son has been down I try to take some photographs, so that I can try to keep my hand in with my camera, at least thats the idea on the good days,

This is a wonderful hobby when your brain works, or works well, but it causes a lot of stress when I forget the settings


Other animals and birds which give so much pleasure are Ducks and Swans at our local park




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