Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Much better day

I am starting to feel much better today after the chest infection which hit me last weekend, and I am now starting to look forward to giving my presentation on Spirituality in Dementia tomorrow, for Northumbria University.

I never realised just how hard life could become when these infections hit, a person with dementia or any other Neurological disease, but today I was starting to feel more like my old self again.

Coupled with this I have had a couple of really horrible nights with very graphic nightmares, something I have not had for a while, and that hit me hard, because I was terrified to go back to sleep again.

Last night was a reasonable night, although I had a bit of a temperature, so I am hopeful that things are turning out for the best again.

I have not done a presentation for a couple of months, so I was worried that tomorrow would not happen, at all.

Its taken me a few weeks to go over the the last presentation about Spirituality in Dementia, and then  update and rewrite it, before getting it edited by my wife, so it was something I did not want to drop out of unless I was desperately ill.

But I am now hoping that tomorrow things will go well, as this is my last presentation this year, so I don't want it to fail or go down badly.

This topic is of great interest to many people these days, and its one that can be difficult to understand, something that took a lot of hard work to get started, but now I am enjoying doing it, alongside well know Clergy, who are interested in this subject.

Enjoy the day as tomorrow is another day


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