Thursday, 7 November 2013

A brilliant tool for people with memory problems

Do you know someone with memory problems ?
Co-Pilot Demo
I've just put a video on YouTube which shows a 4-minute demonstration of our new simplified tablet computer to help people with memory loss or learning disabilities.

If you have time to click on the YouTube link you can see Co-Pilot in action.
Co-Pilot helps people who have difficulties with daily life to gain more independence, and aids their carers at the same time.
You can see more information at our website, and keep in touch with our news with Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter.
Even if you don't know anyone who could benefit from Co-Pilot, it would help us reach those who do if you could let your friends know about it.
Thanks (and of course apologies if I've wasted your time!)
Ray Broadbridge




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I have trialled this and it was brilliant, well worth the effort.


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