Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Home again

We returned home again last night, from our holiday in Turkey, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Today however I had to do a presentation on Living with Lewy Body Dementia, to Trainee Nurses at my adopted University in Northumbria, a place which is Dementia Friendly.

I really enjoy working there are everyone is so interested in learning about this illness, but I confess the my wife and I totally forgot the we were doing this when we returned from holiday.

After a normal long journey, I struggle to do anything, at home the following day, but today I must have been on an adrenaline rush as I got on with the presentation even though I could hardly see the words I had written so time ago.

However once we got home I had enough time to grab a sandwich, and then I was flat out and dead to the world

I have one more presentation to do at Northumbria University tomorrow and another on Thursday, then on Friday I am off to London to attend a Primary Care "Clinical Studies Group" with DeNDRoN where we work with Doctors and Professors in the medical field.

So I confess that I am looking forward to the week end now.

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