Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Blog question, can anyone help this reader

Blog Question

I have received this from a friend who is looking for help and support, and wondered if anyone has any advice they can give him. Any answers will be passed back to them.

As I have never been in this situation I really could not answer the question below.

Comment text:
My wife has LBD and is living in a care facility. We are Canadians who have done a lot of traveling and have lived outside of Canada on occasion.

A primary reason my wife is in a care facility was that I burned out as her sole caregiver. I have recently been wondering about what it would be like for us both to live, together, or at least snowbird together, in a less expensive country where we might be able to afford live-in or daily help.

The breadth of your blog, particularly as you had heard from people in Ecuador, where I was thinking about cost of living, caught my attention and I thought you might provide me a link to the LBD community in Ecuador. Otherwise, anyone out there relocated to be able to access affordable domestic help?


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