Sunday, 14 July 2013

Too hot

Since we arrived at our daughters house in Farnborough Hampshire, I have found it hard to cope with this hot weather. It was 20 degrees yesterday morning at 7am and that was hard enough, but when it reached 29 degrees at lunchtime I had to give in and sit in a darkened cooler room as i could not think clearly at all.

Today it was 22 degrees by 8am, so I am wondering what will happen to me later on.

The family went out to a childrens party yesterday which was held in a local hall with air conditioning, but they did not think it wise for me to go because of the sheer noise, so I had a sleep for half an hour.

Here's hoping it does not get too hot.

I suppose my problem is the I have never been a person who sits in the sun, so I struggle when temperatures rise these days.

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