Friday, 19 July 2013

Another wonderful honour

I have just heard that a dear Friend in has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, for all of his work in Dementia.

James McKillop has worked in and around the Dementia field for what seems a very long time, and a better friend or acquaintance you could not find anywhere.

I met James and a few other people at the First UK Convention for people with Dementia, when it was held at Newcastle upon Tyne a few years ago, and I was so inspired that I have never looked back.

He also inspired me to carry on with my favourite hobby which is photography, as he is so brilliant at it.

James and his friends on the Scottish Dementia Working Group, have done so much to raise the profile of Dementia in Scotland, and they also work directly with the Scottish Government and Alzheimer's Scotland, on Dementia projects

Its wonderful to see people like this being awarded like this, as they have done so much to inspire others to stand up, campaign and speak out about dementia.

Well done James

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