Sunday, 16 June 2013

Guidlines for being interviewed by the press

Press comfort

Make people feel at home without any distractions

Noise causes us problems when thinking

Speak directly to us

Don't ask a question, and then answer for us as its disrespectful, but allow us enough time to think things through.

Never rush the questions as the wrong answer may come out.  

Make sure that the person asking the question does so in a calm and sensitive nature, and does not speak loudly or shout.

Do not walk round in front of us

Have comfortable chairs and sit in an area, where we can see each other without having to look in front of others, preferably facing each other

Have plenty of breaks and do not run on too long as it can be tiring

Explain the process very carefully so that it’s understood and don’t use technical jargon or bi words.

Never have a camera right in front of someone’s face.

There must be a way of stopping the process if we are unsure about the questions, or have made a mistake in the way we answered

If possible do a trial run first so, that we can see what you are going to do

If you have a list of questions you wish to use, let us see them in advance, so that we have a chance to think it over. 

Remember that some parts of our lives may be private or sensitive, and we may not wish to discuss things of this nature

If you intend to edit anything please say so, and if possible allow us to see it before it goes live, as the press sometimes change things to suit themselves, and it may not come across as we intended






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